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Innovative Storage Solution

  • Innovative, patent-pending storage system designed to utilize often-wasted garage space.

  • Store items on a high, hidden platform atop a safe, secure, and efficient hydraulic lift.

  • System lowers the platform to the floor, so even large items, such as a lawn mower, can be easily loaded.

  • Eliminate monthly payments for off-site storage

  • Lift up to 3500 lbs. 

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Our Story


LiftEase is a product developed out of necessity. 


Have you ever found yourself without enough garage space for your lawn mowers, Christmas decorations, gardening equipment, power tools, outdoors equipment, and tents…not to mention cars?


We did. After moving from a location with ample storage, including an outbuilding, to a house in the city, we needed somewhere to store our equipment. But who wants to store their items in an expensive, off-site rental?


Not us. Our items needed to be stored in our garage, where they were easily accessible but also organized.


We noticed there was ample space for everything right near the garage ceiling, but it was wasted, and how could heavy items be stored there? Hoisting heavy boxes or equipment is difficult and often dangerous. 

The solution was not to hoist heavy items up, but rather to bring the storage area to the floor, where it could be loaded, and then sent back up. After many hours of designing, testing and manufacturing the LiftEase Storage System was built.  


We are here to make sure your items are stored easily and are accessible.

Eliminate monthly rental storage payments and Invest in Your Space.  

Click to see the LiftEase System at Work  


All Items Stored in LiftEase

Room for Vehicle 

and access to tools and items for projects 

Change to this.jpg


Typical 3 Car Garage

3 Stall Garage with One Stall Full

After Picture 2.jpg


Changing space is what LiftEase is all about. 

A garage does not have to be a place that the cars barely fit in or in some cases they just sit outdoors. 


LiftEase is about storing items and preserving usable space for what it was built for.  

Items are stored in a safe, secure and accessible way. 
No more standing on a step ladder with a 50 lb box above your head trying to slide it onto a shelf. 


There is a better and safer way.


 Standard Configurations 

Current Available Sizes 

  • Support Leg Options 6' | 7' 

  • Width Options 8' | 10' | 12" | 16'

  • Depth - All models come with 6' Depth 

  • Special Sizes may be custom built 

  • Optional lumber rack

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